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It's Your Turn (Using Turn Signals)

Distracted driving causes a lot of motor vehicle accidents.  Well, according to one study, twice as many are caused by people not using their turn signals.  

Drivers have a lot of excuses for not signaling.  About a quarter of drivers in one survey said they were just too lazy to do it.  Others think they really don't have to use a turn signal, even though traffic laws in most areas require it.  There are drivers who think they don't have enough time to do it because they make last-minute decisions; not the kind of driving that experts consider safe.

An insurance company surveyed young drivers and more than two-thirds of them admitted they didn't regularly use turn signals. 

Here are a few reasons drivers should use their turn signals. When you signal a turn or a lane change, it lets drivers around you know what you intend to do.  That way the other drivers can anticipate your actions and take whatever measures they must.  For example, if there's a long line of traffic and you're having a hard time merging, turning on your signal at least gives other drivers a chance to be courteous and let you in. Or if you're turning left, the driver behind you may choose to change lanes rather than having to wait behind you until traffic clears.  It's always nice to be considerate of the other driver.

Some reported that they don't use their turn signals because they're broken. If that's the case for you, head on over to our Service Center and have yours checked out.  It may be a burned-out bulb, a relay, or other electrical problems such as wiring or a switch.  In any case, your turn signals should be in operable condition.

Finally, the number one reason people don't use their turn signals is that they just forget.  Oh, and how about those drivers who do use their turn signal and forget to turn it off?

There are many things you must keep track of when you're driving. Another driver's turn signals give you one more piece of information you can use to move through traffic safely.  Isn't it your turn?